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Why Everyone Needs A Knife Set

After living at my parent’s house I finally moved to start life on my own and as you’d have guessed, I was really excited. That was until I stepped into my small kitchen and got jolted to my senses. I had ‘stolen’ one knife from my mum’s kitchen and it wasn’t enough to handle all the cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing.

Everyone Needs A Knife Set

To chop like a pro, you need one of the best knives set. In fact, experts recommend that you should have a paring knife (commonly referred to as a vegetable knife), a cook’s knife, a bread knife as well as an all-purpose serrated one. When I went shopping, I made a point of checking that the knife set I chose had these blades. Of course, I couldn’t afford to forget the santoku and filleting knife. I love meat and the filleting knife is my darling.

Battle of the titans: stainless vs. Carbon steel

Stainless steel knives come cheap. However, there is a price you have to pay – they tend to go blunt fast and it takes time to sharpen them for that smooth cutting edge. Carbon steel on the hard is more expensive, keeps its cutting edge for long. The only con is that it tends to rust. Let me let you into a secret: I was lucky enough to get q discount on a ceramic set. The blades in this set are 10 times harder than than carbon steel ones plus they don’t rust.

It All Comes Down To Your Preference

I enjoyed my shopping experience but at the end of the day, I noticed that the beet knife set is one which you actually like. Other than the brand and type of blade, the weight of the blades and design must be factored in. Get a feel of the handle. If its ergonomic then you’ve hit the bullseye.